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Wood Charcoal
The Corporation took up scarcity relief works involving cutting of Gando-Baval in Kachchh in 2003. Goverment gave recognition to this as part of relief works. This adversity was converted into an oppurtunity as, it now procures and trades in wood - Charcoal from Gando-Baval by paying remunerative prices to the Kachchhis who are stake holders in this enterprise. They used to get merely rupees 70-80 for a quintal of charcoal manufactured from private traders. With entry in this sector by the corporation, they now fetch rupees 450 per quintal.

Do You Know ?

Charcoal sector has so far generated about 1.5 million wage-days for the Kachchhis. Against a lowly price of Rs. 70-80 per Qtl. in 2003, they now get Rs. 400-500 per Qtl.

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