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Management Council
Affairs of the Corporation and its policies are managed and decided by its Board of Directors. The present members of its Board are

Shri K.T.Bhil


Shri A.K.Sharma,IFS
Principle Chief Conservator of  Forest

Managing Director
Shri Pradeep Khanna, IFS
Principle Chief Conservator of  Forest
Shri Dipak Erda
Financial Advisor (Forest & Environment Department)
Shri P. M. Christian
Dy. Secretary (Forest & Environment Department)
Smt. J. K. Patel
Dy. Secretary (Tribal Development Department)
Prof. Shankerbhai Vichiyabhai Rathwa
Dr. Darshnaben Chandubhai Deshmukh Director
Ramilaben Bara Director
Shri Chandanbhai Vasava Director
Shri Dashrathbhai Pawar Director
A statutory committee under the Gujarat MFP Trade Act, 1979 i.e. the State Level Advisory Committee, advises the State Govt. in fixation of Statutory Minimum Prices for nationalized MFPs. This arrangement is similar to the mechanism in Agriculture sector.
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