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Thrift & Economy Measures

In the wake of PESA Act and the consequent transfer of ownership of its major source of sustenance i.e. MFPs, financial health of the corporation started to deteriorate. At one stage (2001) it was being seriously considered for closure. However, good sense and fate intervened. The Panchayat Department, realizing the futility of trading in MFP by itself, agreed to reverse this responsibility in 2003 under a no-loss no-profit arrangement. Left with a paltry 15% MFP bearing non-scheduled areas, it was impossible surviving in an environment of privatization and disinvestment.

Determined to survive profitably, in a dignified manner for a just purpose, without dependence on Government's grants or budgetary support, other sectors of the organization were brought under focus. A string of policy-correction and economy measures were introduced to save on costs and boost productivity. Some such measures were;


Employees' justified rights and entitlements were first restored. This included fifth pay commission pay scales.
VRS was offered to its employees in two stages. Forty eight employees and officers took benefit. This alone resulted in an annual saving of Rs. 63.71 lacs in recurrent expenditure.
Strict checks were put on travels such that all travels were productivity-linked. This brought expenditure under this head down by almost 20%.
Medical treatment and reimbursement was brought at par with state Government's. This meant a good 80% saving per year under this head.
Use of telecommunications as well as correspondence was strictly restricted to business related needs. This brought down expenses relating to stationery and communications substantially.
Manufacturing units maximized conversion of raw material like round timber and MFPs into saleable goods. This raised Vanil's wood-conversion factor from a lowly 50% to a robust 65% that compared well with the private enterprise.
Above all, these measures brought about a general awareness amongst employees about the significance of thrift and economy and a consciousness of relating even the routine decisions with the general well-being of the organization.
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