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MD's Desk

  Happy Diwali & Happy New Year


It gives me immense pleasure to present the Gujarat State Forest Development Corporation Limited. GSFDCLtd is working for Collection, Trading & Managemnet of MFP's along with the Forest Dwellers since four decades. Initially Timru leaves, Mahuda Flowers and seeds were traded . Now we trade in about 100 plus MFPs. This year we have already shared Rs. 10.38 crores profit to 710 Gram Panchayats of 13 districts of Gujarat State. List of trading species can be checked from the website.

Recent bustle of VANIL Udyog

GSFDCLtd has for the first time shortlisted some of the top Architects/Interiors so that premium renovation services can be provided to all Government/Semi Government Agencies.     

Timru Leaves Sale Season 2017 have succeeded to fetch sale value of Rs. 60.35 crores that was the highest in GSFDC history as compared to preceding  years.This means large share of profits for the collectors.


We continue to maximise MFP collection by our Tribal brothers & sisters, so that enhanced profits can improve the quality of life.


We will strive harder and to the best of our capabilities to provide our customers with services he has not experienced previously and provide support and excellence of service which he would appreciate highly.


Should there be any area which you feel should be brought to our attention you can mail us

directly at gsfdcltd@gmail.com.

Assuring you of our best services, 


Have a safe Diwali.

Managing Director




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