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Developing Human Resources
The corporation regards its employees it's most valuable wealth and took up to care for their developmental needs in a systematic manner from 2003. A workshop of technical staff performing field duties was then and is now organized every two years. This provides them with opportunities to interact with their fellow-beings, exchange notes and present problems they face while performing duties. Subjects like communication skills, stress- management, yoga and social evenings are part of the Workshop.

As part of this developmental process and to keep its employees abreast of the latest developments and happenings in related areas, the corporation also sends them for training to various institutions. Premier institutions such as the Forest Research Institute at Dehradun and IPIRTI at Bangalore are taken benefit of.

The corporation has a fair and transparent policy of appraising and recognizing performance of its employees. It gives them Excellence Awards every two years during the biannual Workshops.

Do You Know ?
Corporation now sends even the shop-floor level workers from its manufacturing units for training to prime institutes.

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